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Question 1: In the early development of All That Is, the universe existed in a state of potentiality within what Seth referred to as All That Is's ________.
SleepDreamLucid dreamRapid eye movement sleep

Question 2: The Seth Material states that Paul of Tarsus will reincarnate in the 21st century to correct mistakes that he made that set ________ on the wrong course, and a period of spiritual awareness will ensue.
BaptistChristianityEcumenismChristian denomination

Question 3:
Seth Material, Moon landing conspiracy theories and Witchcraft are all:
Pseudoscience New Age Works by Jane Roberts New Age texts

Question 4: There are, as examples given by the Material, probable universes in which the dinosaurs still exist, and probable universes in which ________ did not develop.
ChristianityEcumenismChristian denominationBaptist

Question 5: The Seth material states that All That Is had a beginning, and there was a Creation, though the version told by Roberts differs markedly from the ________ version.
Catholic ChurchJesusChristianChristianity

Question 6: The Seth personality said that there is a ________, whom he described as a "primary energy gestalt"[44] and a "psychic pyramid of interrelated, ever-expanding consciousness".

Question 7: In late 1963, Jane Roberts and her husband, Robert Butts, experimented with a ________ board as part of Roberts' research for a book on extra-sensory perception.

Question 8: [17] Butts served as stenographer, taking the messages down in home-made ________, although some sessions were recorded.
LatinGerman languageGregg shorthandShorthand

Question 9: Christ incarnated as three individuals: John the Baptist, ________ of Nazareth, and Paul or Saul of Tarsus.
New TestamentGospelJesusNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 10: Unlike the psychic ________, whose syntax when speaking in trance was antiquated and convoluted, Roberts' syntax and sentence structures were modern and clear when speaking as Seth.
Earth ChangesNew AgeJesusEdgar Cayce


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