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Question 1: Because of this, set-top boxes are often placed beneath televisions, and the term set-top box has become something of a ________, possibly helping the adoption of the term digibox.
MisnomerCanadaUnited StatesEngland

Question 2: They are used to access television as well as audio and interactive services through the "Red Button" promoted by broadcasters such as the ________ with BBC Red Button or Sky Digital with Sky Active.
BBCNorwegian Broadcasting CorporationTG4Raidió Teilifís Éireann

Question 3: In ________ networks, the set-top box is a small computer providing two-way communications on an IP network and decoding the video streaming media.
Free (ISP)Satellite televisionTele2IPTV

Question 4: In ________, a set-top box does not necessarily contain a tuner of its own.
EuropeEastern EuropeBalkansWestern Europe

Question 5: Some have also been produced to mute the audio (or replace it with noise) when ________ is detected in the captioning, where the offensive word is also blocked.

Question 6: For HDTV receiving, ________ is using Beyonwiz-manufactured media centers, which came to market in March 2007.
National Geographic Adventure (TV channel)National Geographic Channel (Australia)Fox News ChannelFoxtel

Question 7: A function that limits children's time watching TV or playing video games may also be built in, though some of these work on the ________ rather than the video signal.
Alternating currentMains power around the worldAC power plugs and socketsMains electricity

Question 8: Devices with computer terminal-like capabilities, such as the ________ thin client, also fall into a grey area.
MicrosoftMicrosoft PlaysForSureMSN TVMSN

Question 9: Set-top boxes were also made to enable ________ on older sets in North America, before this became a mandated inclusion in new TV sets.
TelevisionNTSCVideoClosed captioning

Question 10: This SCART feature had been used for connection to analogue decoding equipment by pay TV operators in Europe, and in the past was used for connection to ________ equipment before the decoders became built-in.
TeletextClosed captioningBroadcast flagNTSC


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