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Question 1: A group of process groups in ________-conformant operating systems
Pascal (programming language)C Sharp (programming language)POSIXISO 9660

Question 2: ________, musicians available for hire
Session musicianPaulinho da CostaSteve LukatherSimon Phillips

Question 3: ________, a computer network protocol often used for IP telephony, and for setting up and tearing down peer-to-peer communication sessions consisting of one or several media streams
File Transfer ProtocolInternet Relay ChatSession Initiation ProtocolExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol

Question 4: Web session (HTTP sessions), using ________ and web server session management, can be either client-side or server-side.
XMLHttpRequestHypertext Transfer ProtocolHTTP cookieHTTP Secure

Question 5: ________, any prolonged or extended period of drinking alcohol

Question 6: ________, the supreme civil court of Scotland
Inner HouseHigh Court of JusticiaryCourt of SessionOuter House

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