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Sessility (zoology): Quiz


Question 1: ________ lay down their own substrate.
CoralGorgonianScleractiniaCoral reef

Question 2: Clumping is a behavior in an animal, usually sessile, in which individuals of a particular species group close to one another for beneficial purposes, and can be seen in ________.
Coral reefSalt marshTide poolEstuary

Question 3: In zoology, sessility is a characteristic of ________ which are not able to move about.

Question 4: Many sessile animals, including sponges, corals, and hydra, are capable of ________ in situ by the process of budding.
FungusAsexual reproductionMicroorganismPlant

Question 5: In contrast, many ________ develop as sessile polyps early in their life cycle.

Question 6: They are usually permanently attached to a solid substrate of some kind, such as a rock, or the hull of a ship in the case of ________.


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