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Servius Tullius: Quiz


Question 1: Servius integrated the population, which had become enlarged by Rome's successful conquests, into the ________, which became the central legislative body instead of the comitia curiata.
Century AssemblyRoman ConstitutionRoman assembliesTribal Assembly

Question 2: He undertook building projects and expanded the city to include the ________, Viminal and Esquiline hills.
Pantheon, RomeRomeQuirinal HillSt. Peter's Basilica

Question 3: In this account (found in ________) Tullius was anointed as a young child to become king, after a ring of fire was seen around his head.
Classical LatinLivyRoman EmpireAncient Rome

Question 4: By the time of ________, the census had reached four million.
DomitianAugustusTiberiusRoman Emperor

Question 5: Servius Tullius was the sixth legendary king of ________ and the second king of the Etruscan dynasty.
Ancient RomeRoman EmpireRoman RepublicClassical antiquity

Question 6: [1] A class thus became a line of battle in the ________.
Greco-Persian WarsAncient GreeceHoplitePhalanx formation

Question 7: Favoring the goddess, ________ (perhaps he was thinking of the fate of Vibenna), he built several temples to her as well as to Diana.
CarmentaFortunaCamenaeEgeria (mythology)

Question 8: Described in one account as originally a slave, he is said to have married a daughter of Lucius Tarquinius Priscus, and succeeded him after the latter's ________ in 579 BC.
AssassinationInfanticideHonor killingMass murder

Question 9: After military campaigns against Veii and the ________, he improved the administrative and political organization of Rome.
Etruscan mythologyEtruscan languageEtruscan originsEtruscan civilization

Question 10: Another version, quoted in a speech to the Senate by ________, represented him as a soldier of fortune originally named Macstarna, from Etruria, who attached himself to Caelius Vibenna.

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