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Serpentine: Quiz


Question 1: ________, in Surrey, Canada
Enver Creek Secondary SchoolKensington Prairie Elementary SchoolFrost Road ElementarySchool District 36 Surrey

Question 2: ________, describing the shape of transmembrane proteins
Membrane receptorG protein-coupled receptorReceptor (biochemistry)Olfactory receptor

Question 3: ________, a lake in Hyde Park, London, near the Serpentine Gallery
AlbertopolisKensington GardensEnglandSerpentine (lake)

Question 4: Data layout or traversal order on mechanical storage media, such as ________ or tape drives
Universal Serial BusFloppy diskHard disk driveUSB flash drive

Question 5: The serpentine,[citation needed] a mythical ________-like creature in the shape of a serpent
UnicornCattlePhoenix (mythology)Dragon

Question 6: The S-shaped ________ used when training horses.
EquitationCanterDressageRiding figures

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