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Serkland: Quiz


Question 1: It could also be related to Sarkel, a city located in the territory of the ________.
JewsAshkenazi JewsKhazarsAntisemitism

Question 2: Despite the obvious similarity to ________, the place-name is likely derived from serkr (gown, modern Swedish "särk") and land (land, country), referring to the clothes of the people that lived in the area.
SaracenByzantine EmpireRoman EmpireArab people

Question 3: It is also mentioned by the 11th century ________ Þórgils fiskimaðr,[2] and the 12th century skald Þórarinn stuttfeldr.

Question 4: Another possible explanation is the Turkic word for "forty furs", which was an important currency during the ________ and resulted in the modern Russian word for "forty" - sorok.
Pomerania during the Early Middle AgesViking AgeVarangiansViking expansion

Question 5: For a detailed account of such raids, see ________.
Khazar CorrespondenceCaspian expeditions of the RusVolga trade routeKhazars

Question 6: Notably one of the Ingvar Runestones, the ________, raised circa 1040 at Gripsholm, commemorates a Varangian loss during an ill-fated raid in Serkland.
Viking runestonesVarangian runestonesIngvar runestonesGreece runestones

Question 7: In Old Norse sources, such as sagas and runestones, Særkland or Serkland was the name of the ________ Caliphate and probably some neighbouring Muslim regions.
Islamic Golden AgeNeo-Assyrian EmpireAkkadian EmpireAbbasid Caliphate


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