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Serialism: Quiz


Question 1: Likewise, the mathematical analogues in integral serialism were influential in the development of ________ and synthesized music.
Electronic musical instrumentTechnoElectroacoustic musicElectronic music

Question 2: Other types of serialism also work with sets, but not necessarily with fixed-order series, and extend the technique to other musical dimensions (often called "parameters"), such as duration, dynamics, and ________.
Chest voiceOperaTimbreColoratura

Question 3: Serialism began primarily with ________'s twelve-tone technique, though his contemporaries were also working to establish serialism as one example of post-tonal thinking (Whittall 2008, 1).
Anton WebernPierre BoulezArnold SchoenbergIgor Stravinsky

Question 4: A row which uses all of the intervals in their ascending form once is an ________.
Tone rowTwelve-tone techniqueArnold SchoenbergPermutation (music)

Question 5: ________ 1 ("Elektronische Musik"): 34–41.
Die ReiheKarlheinz StockhausenArnold SchoenbergSerialism

Question 6: ________ - middle and late periods
Latin AmericaAlberto GinasteraArgentinaBrain Salad Surgery

Question 7: Twelve-tone technique orders the 12 notes of the chromatic scale, forming a row or series and providing a unifying basis for a composition's melody, ________, structural progressions, and variations.
PaintingTheodor W. AdornoHarmonyModernism

Question 8: The idea of serialism is also applied in various ways in the visual arts, design, and ________ (Bandur 2001, 5, 12, 74; Gerstner 1964, passim).
ItalyEuropeArchitectural theoryArchitecture


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