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Question 1: Worldwide, the ________ is a notable derivative of the serial.
Soap operaBrooksideCoronation StreetHolby City

Question 2: [10] Tom O'Neil of the ________ notes: "They're chancy because these shows are hard to join midway through."[11]
Chicago TribuneKTLASam ZellLos Angeles Times

Question 3: ________ (1959-1964)
The Rocky and Bullwinkle ShowDudley Do-RightJet Fuel FormulaBullwinkle J. Moose

Question 4: ________ (2005-present)
The Sexless InnkeeperHow I Met Your MotherThe Playbook (How I Met Your Mother)As Fast As She Can

Question 5: The era of "primetime soaps" (as they are often called) really began to reach its peak when ________ began to air Dallas (which re-propelled Larry Hagman to stardom) in 1978.
NBCAmerican Broadcasting CompanyThe CW Television NetworkCBS

Question 6: Complex ________ may have a negative effect on ratings by making entry more difficult for new viewers as well as confusing fans who have missed an episode.
Soap operaLost (TV series)Story arcSerial (radio and television)

Question 7: After its cancellation, the format went somewhat dormant until the mid-1970s when ABC themselves brought it back with, of all things, a ________ soap (aptly called Soap).
SatireComedy (drama)ComedyDrama

Question 8: There were some serial shows such as ________ and St. Elsewhere that did not officially fit into this category, but were nonetheless ratings hits season after season.
Hill Street BluesL.A. LawLou Grant (TV series)Upstairs, Downstairs

Question 9: In literature, the term is used as a noun to refer to a format (within a genre) by which a story is told in contiguous (typically ________) installments in sequential issues of a single periodical publication.
Julian calendarChronologyGregorian calendarCalendar

Question 10: Serials in television and ________ are series that rely on a continuing plot that unfolds in a serial fashion, episode by episode.
Radio broadcastingMicrowaveRadioAmateur radio


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