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Serge: Quiz


Question 1: The worsted variety is used in making ________, suits, great coats and trench coats.
British Army uniformDress uniformMilitary uniformFez (hat)

Question 2:
What role did Serge play in the videomovie A Married Man?
John Strickland

Question 3: Its counterpart, ________ serge, is used for linings.
SpandexLinenSilkKente cloth

Question 4: The name is derived from Old French serge, itself from ________ serica, from Greek σηρικος (serikos), meaning "silken" [1].
Roman EmpireVulgar LatinLatinOld Latin

Question 5: ________ is a cotton fabric with a similar weave; its name is believed to be derived from "serge de Nîmes" after Nîmes in France.
DenimKente clothSilkSpandex

Question 6: In the early sixteenth century it went mainly to a Royal monopoly at ________ (then an English possession) and was woven into cloth in France or the Low Countries.

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