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Serenade: Quiz


Question 1:
Who played Frau Leuthoff the movie Serenade?
Lina Lossen
Joan Fontaine
Rosita Marstini
Miriam Cooper

Question 2:
What role did George Walsh play in the movie Serenade?
Franz Rossi
Marco Roselli
Damon Vincenti

Question 3:
Who played Pepuso the movie Serenade?
Albert Matterstock
Adolphe Menjou
James A. Marcus
Mario Lanza

Question 4:
What role did Frank Puglia play in the movie Serenade?
Gustl Hollmann
Maestro Marcatello
Manuel Montes
Josef Bruckner

Question 5:
Who played Gretchen's Mother the movie Serenade?
Joan Fontaine
Miriam Cooper
Martha Franklin
Kathryn Carver

Question 6:
What role did Martha Franklin play in the movie Serenade?
Maria's mother
Gretchen's Mother
Maria del Carmen

Question 7:
Who played Capt. Ramirez the movie Serenade?
Hans Junkermann
Lawrence Grant
Noble Johnson
George Walsh

Question 8:
Who played Gretchen the movie Serenade?
Hilde Krahl
Miriam Cooper
Kathryn Carver
Kathryn Carver

Question 9:
Who played Don Fulgencio the movie Serenade?
George Walsh
Harry Bellaver
Igo Sym
Ethelbert Knott

Question 10:
What role did James A. Marcus play in the movie Serenade?
Ferdinand Lohner - 1st Violin
P.M. Dörffner, Bratsche

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