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Serbophobia: Quiz


Question 1: [44] In late 1988, months before the ________, Milošević accused critics of his regime and political tactics like the Slovenian leader Milan Kučan of “spreading fear of Serbia”.
Berlin WallMikhail GorbachevRevolutions of 1989Collapse of the Soviet Union (1985–1991)

Question 2: Current United States of America Vice President ________ is on record as speaking in an anti-Serb manner.
Barack ObamaHillary Rodham ClintonJoe BidenJohn McCain

Question 3: The term was used in the literary and cultural circles since before ________.
Armenian GenocideWestern Front (World War I)World War ICaucasus Campaign

Question 4: [5] The word shkije (a variaton of the medevial word 'sclavus' or slave /slav Sclavus) in the ________ is a derogatory word for Serbs.
English languageAlbanian languageGerman languageArmenian language

Question 5: An example of Serbophobia is the jingle Alle Serben müssen sterben (All Serbs Must Die), which was popular in ________ in 1914[4] (also occurring as: Serbien muß sterbien).

Question 6: [46] The term was often likened to ________, and expressed itself as a re-analysis of history where every event that had a negative effect on the Serbs was likened to a "tragedy".
JewsAntisemitismRacial antisemitismThe Holocaust

Question 7: On the 12th of October 2009, a European Under 21 Championship qualifying match was played in Varaždin, ________ where Serbia was the visiting side.

Question 8: [45] According to political scientist David Bruce Macdonald, the term was popularised in the 1980s and 1990s during the re-analysis of ________.
SerbsHistory of EuropeBelgradeHistory of Serbia

Question 9: Globalizing the Holocaust:A Jewish "usable" past in Serbian nationalism -David McDonald, University of Otago, ________
United KingdomNauruNew ZealandAustralia

Question 10: is hate speech calling for the extermination of Serbs, as popularized before WWII by ________, the chief architect of the Ustaše ideology and of genocide against Serbs.
Jasenovac concentration campMiroslav FilipovićIvica MatkovicMile Budak


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