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Serbo-Croatian language: Quiz


Question 1: Today, use of the term "Serbo-Croatian" is controversial due to history, politics, and the variable meanings of the word ________.

Question 2:
Who of the following spoke at the Serbo-Croatian language?
approx. 500,000-600,000
ca. 21 million

Question 3: By extension, Kajkavian and Čakavian dialects were often considered to be dialects of the Serbo-Croatian (while the ________ was never recognized in mainstream linguistics), but they were not in official use.
Macedonian languageCroatian languageTorlakSouth Slavic languages

Question 4: The language spoken by c.500,000 Montenegrins in the newly independent country of ________ has been traditionally classified as Serbian, but it has also been proposed to regard it as a separate "Montenegrin language".
CroatiaBosnia and HerzegovinaMontenegroAlbania

Question 5: According to ________, morphology and syntax, these languages are essentially one language because they are based on the same, Štokavian dialect.
PhonologyIrish phonologyInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish phonology

Question 6:
What family does Serbo-Croatian language belong to?

Question 7: With the ________ in the 1990s, its languages followed suit and Croatian, Serbian, and Bosnian became separate standard languages (Ausbausprachen); see differences between standard Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian.
Revolutions of 1989Breakup of YugoslaviaLech WałęsaNicolae Ceauşescu

Question 8:
What region does Serbo-Croatian language belong to?
Southeastern Europe or the Balkans
Mu00F8re og Romsdal
Pays de la Loire
Northern Mindanao, and Davao Region

Question 9: (From The History of the Croatian language, ________, 1864.)

Question 10: Like most Slavic languages, there are mostly three genders for nouns: masculine, feminine, and neuter, a distinction which is still present even in the plural (unlike Russian and partly ________).
CroatiaCroatian languageMiddle ČakavianChakavian dialect

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