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Serbian revolution: Quiz


Question 1: Reforms made by the Porte to ease the pressure on Serbs were only temporary; by 1799 the ________ corps have returned, suspended the Serb autonomy and drastically increased taxes, enforcing martial law in Serbia.
Ottoman EmpireSuleiman the MagnificentOttoman NavyJanissary

Question 2: Another role model was the ________, the only independent Slavic and Orthodox country, which had recently reformed itself and was now a serious menace to the Turks.
British EmpireOttoman EmpireGolden HordeRussian Empire

Question 3: [9] One quarter of Serbia's population (at the moment around 100,000 people) were exiled into ________, including the leader of the Uprising, Karadjordje Petrovic.
Francis II, Holy Roman EmperorAustrian EmpireHabsburg MonarchyAustria–Hungary

Question 4: When they found out, they rounded up and murdered tens of Serbian noblemen on the main square of ________ in an event known today as Seča knezova (Slaughter of the Dukes in 1804).

Question 5: They began to travel in search of trade and education, and were exposed to European ideas about secular society, politics, law and philosophy, including both rationalism and ________.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelFriedrich NietzscheRomanticismArthur Schopenhauer

Question 6: Vuk was less influenced by Enlightenment rationalism like Dositej Obradoviv and more by ________ which romanticized rural and peasant communities.
Friedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur SchopenhauerRomanticism

Question 7: Finally, de facto independence came in 1868, with the withdrawal of Ottoman garrisons from the principality; de jure independence was formally recognized at the ________ in 1878.
Balkan WarsRusso-Turkish War (1877–1878)Italo-Turkish WarCongress of Berlin

Question 8: ________ annexed the short-lived Habsburg Serbia, retaliated against the perpetrators of the uprising and their families, thus forcing thousands into exile in Austria.
Turkish peopleTurkeyOttoman EmpireIstanbul

Question 9: [3] It also called on Serbs to stop paying ________ to the Porte, deemed unfair as based on religious affiliation.
Tax havenTaxIncome taxExcise

Question 10: Shocked that his people had no modern secular literature, he assembled grammars and dictionaries to create a modern ________, wrote some books himself and translated others.
Serbian languageSerbo-Croatian languageMacedonian languageCroatian language


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