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Serbian mafia: Quiz


Question 1: One Macedonian national and 2 Bulgarians were arrested during the ________ linked with the Zemun clan; they trafficked cocaine from Bolivia.
2003 invasion of IraqList of coalition military operations of the Iraq WarOperation ScorpionOperation Alljah

Question 2: When Slobodan Milošević lost the power in the October 2000 ________.
SerbiaTomislav NikolićOverthrow of Slobodan MiloševićBelgrade

Question 3: In October 2008, police officials in ________ arrested two members of the gang, a Serb and a Bosnian Serb.
Vatican CityAndorraMonacoSpain

Question 4: On 8 May, 1981, Arkan escaped from the Bijlmerbajes prison in ________ with Italian Sergio Settimo, one of the most sought criminals in Europe.

Question 5: Drašković is believed to have organized the murder of his former boss ________.
Serb Volunteer GuardSerbiaŽeljko RažnatovićBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 6: During the 90's the 'Ndrangheta acquired weapon arsenal (Bazookas, explosives, automatic firearms) built in ________, imported through firms outside Italy[47]
Bosnia and HerzegovinaSerbiaMontenegroBelgrade

Question 7: In November, 2009, Argentine Police arrested 5 Serbian drug couriers and seized their 492 kilograms of cocaine in ________[17], One of the largest drug busts in 2009[19].
Buenos Aires Central Business DistrictSan TelmoPalermo, Buenos AiresBuenos Aires

Question 8: Dragan Daravelski: Ran illegal operations in ________ and a counterfeiting ring in Kumanovo.
BelgradeSmederevoNovi SadZemun

Question 9: Dragan "Jokso" Joksović, notorious gambler and assumed cigarette smuggler, was murdered February 4, 1998 in Solvalla, ________ by a Finnish hitman hired by "Kova".

Question 10: The first Serbian mafiosi came to ________ in the late 70's, organized in a Yugoslav clan, their headquarters were some 15 kafanas in Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne.
BarbadosCanadaAustraliaUnited Kingdom

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