Serbian language: Quiz

Question 1: There are many ________ from different languages:
LoanwordGerman languageEnglish languageFrench language

Question 2: In the coastal area, many words were borrowed from the ________ (murina, imbut), a Romance language, that was extinct by 1900.
Venetian languageItalian languageIstro-Romanian languageDalmatian language

Question 3: Not all dialects had this evolution; those who had it are called neo-________.
Shtokavian dialectCroatian languageUžican speechSerbo-Croatian language

Question 4: The greatest number of Turkish loanwords were and are in the vernaculars of south Serbia, followed by those of ________ and central Serbia, generally corresponding with how many Muslims live in an area.
CroatiaMontenegroSarajevoBosnia and Herzegovina

Question 5: The consonant system is more complicated, and its characteristic features are series of ________ and palatal consonants.
Nasal consonantEjective consonantLateral consonantAffricate consonant

Question 6:
What family does Serbian language belong to?
38 out of 40
Western South Slavic
Central Eastern

Question 7:
Who of the following spoke at the Serbian language?
136 million, and by an estimated 500 million francophones worldwide,
Over 12 Million

Question 8: Long falling (dugosilazni; symbol ^ -- inverted breve, not a ________) as in pîvo ('beer').
Grave accentDiacriticCircumflexAcute accent

Question 9: The biggest migrations were to the north, then toward Military Krajina and to the seaside (________, Istria, Dubrovnik area, including the islands of Mljet and Šipan).
DalmatiaSplit (city)Bosnia and HerzegovinaCroatia

Question 10: Standard Serbian is mutually intelligible with Bosnian, Croatian and Montenegrin, and most linguists still regard the four as just one genetic language—________.
Serbo-Croatian languageSerbian languageSlovene languageUžican speech

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