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Serbian Orthodox Church: Quiz


Question 1: 1 autonomous archeparchy or archdiocese, headed by archepiscop (________), the Autonomous Archeparchy of Ohrid.
Pope John Paul IIArchbishopCatholic Church hierarchyBishop (Catholic Church)

Question 2: After the war the Church was suppressed by the Socialist government of Josip Broz Tito, which viewed it with suspicion due to the Church's links with the exiled Serbian monarchy and the nationalist ________ movement.
ChetniksBosnia and HerzegovinaSerbian war crimesDraža Mihailović

Question 3: The eparchy of Dalmatia also had its see temporarily moved to ________ after the Republic of Serbian Krajina was established.
Kijevo, CroatiaŠibenikKninCroatia

Question 4: Biblical prohibitions against material depictions have been altered by ________ (as God) taking on material form.
GospelChristJesusNew Testament

Question 5:
Which of the following languages is spoken in Serbian Orthodox Church?
Church Slavonic and Serbian

Question 6:
What is the metropolitican population of Serbian Orthodox Church?
7-11 million
approx. 10u201314 million
70 to 80 million
~2 million

Question 7: Vicar Bishop of ________ and locum tenens of Strumica David (Ninov)[20]
Heraclea LyncestisStobiMacedonia (ancient kingdom)Ancient Rome

Question 8: Bishop of Zahumlje and ________ Grigorije (Durić)
Republika SrpskaBosnia and HerzegovinaKonjicHerzegovina

Question 9: Bishop of Polog and Kumanovo and locum tenens of ________ and Kičevo Joakim (Jovčeski)[13]

Question 10: The head of the Serbian Orthodox Church is the ________.
Catholic Church hierarchyPopePatriarchEast–West Schism


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