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Septic arthritis: Quiz


Question 1: ________ - was the most common cause in children but is now uncommon in areas where Haemophilus vaccination is practiced[8]
Pathogenic bacteriaCholeraHaemophilus influenzaeTyphoid fever

Question 2: Septic arthritis is the purulent invasion of a joint by an infectious agent which produces ________.

Question 3: Therapy is usually with intravenous antibiotics, ________ and washout/aspiration of the joint to dryness.
AnalgesicStimulantDissociativeNon-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug

Question 4: In bacterial infection, ________ has been found to infect joints, especially in children who have sustained a puncture wound.
Helicobacter pyloriEscherichia coliPathogenic bacteriaPseudomonas aeruginosa

Question 5: ________ refers to arthritis caused by an immune consequence of an infection, but not directly attributable to the infection itself.
Rheumatoid arthritisReactive arthritisRheumatic feverSystemic lupus erythematosus

Question 6: Neisseria gonorrhoea - in young adults (now thought rare in ________) [7]
Western EuropeCentral EuropeNorthern EuropeEastern Europe

Question 7: The role of ________ in the diagnosis of septic arthritis has been increasing in recent years in an effort to detect this entity earlier.
Magnetic resonance imagingFunctional magnetic resonance imagingPositron emission tomographyMedical imaging

Question 8: ("Suppurative" refers to the production of pus, without necessarily implying ________.)
Shock (circulatory)Acute respiratory distress syndromeAcute liver failureSepsis

Question 9: ________ - in the elderly, IV drug users and the seriously ill
Helicobacter pyloriPseudomonas aeruginosaPathogenic bacteriaEscherichia coli

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