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Question 1: Lists were drawn up that linked as many ________ as possible to a particular clan.
Personal nameSurnameIcelandic nameFamily name

Question 2: ________
Clan MacAulayEĆ³ganachtaMacAuleyMac Amhlaoibh and Mac Amhalghaidh (Irish septs)

Question 3: The word might have its origin from ________ septum "enclosure, fold",[1] or it can be an alteration of sect.
Roman EmpireLatinVulgar LatinOld Latin

Question 4: For example, the surname Miller was made a sept of Clan Macfarlane, and Taylor of ________.
Clan DonaldClan MunroClan CameronClan Mackintosh

Question 5: ________ were sometimes used to bind lesser chiefs and his followers to more powerful chiefs.
Clan MackayClan CameronClan DonaldManrent

Question 6: Such lists date back to the 19th century, when clan societies and ________ manufacturers attempted to capitalise on the enthusiasm and interest for all things Scottish.
Highland ClearancesScottish clanScottish HighlandsTartan

Question 7: ________, the ancient legal system of Ireland clearly defined the clan system in pre-Norman Ireland, which collapsed after the Tudor Conquest.
Gaelic IrelandCapital punishmentSaint PatrickEarly Irish law

Question 8: The term is found in both ________ and Scotland.
IrelandNorthern IrelandWalesIrish people

Question 9: Also, common surnames, found throughout the ________, were linked to particular clans.
EnglandBritish IslesNorthern IrelandUnited Kingdom

Question 10: Also, ________ forms of common personal names were also linked to particular clans.
Family nameRomanian languageGrammatical genderPatronymic

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