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Question 1: The 18th century philosopher ________ compiled Enlightenment beliefs in An Introduction to the Principles of Morals and Legislation, and he included his own reasoning in a comparison between slavery and sadism toward animals:
Jeremy BenthamJohn Stuart MillUtilitarianismImmanuel Kant

Question 2: In the philosophy of ________, "sentience" can refer to the ability of any entity to have subjective perceptual experiences, or "qualia".
Henri BergsonGottfried LeibnizIdeaConsciousness

Question 3: Soon thereafter, many philosophers used the anatomical discoveries of ________ as a reason to include animals in what philosophers call "sympatheia," the principle of who or what deserves sympathy.
Age of EnlightenmentDeismDavid HumeHumanism

Question 4: In ________, sentience is a metaphysical quality of all things that requires our respect and care.
MonismEastern philosophyEarly Islamic philosophyAncient philosophy

Question 5: ________'s autobiography identifies Tryon's writings as an influence in his decision to try vegetarianism; later in the book, he reverts to eating meat while still following Tryon's basic philosophy.
Thomas JeffersonBenjamin FranklinJohn AdamsThomas Mifflin

Question 6: The word sentient is also used to describe the Agent programs in ________, however in this case it only means that these programs are self-aware, self-governing, and of human-level intelligence—no individuality or personality is implied.
The Matrix RevolutionsThe Matrix ReloadedThe Matrix (franchise)The Matrix

Question 7: [1] Joseph Ritson coupled Tryon's work with ________'s for "Essay on Abstinence from Animal Food" as many Rousseauists became vegetarian.
John LockeGottfried LeibnizImmanuel KantJean-Jacques Rousseau

Question 8: In science fiction, an alien, ________, robot, hologram, or computer who is described as sentient is usually treated as a fully human character, with similar rights, qualities, and capabilities as any other character.
Artificial intelligenceHumanoid robotGynoidAndroid

Question 9: ________ also bases his abolitionist theory of animal rights, which differs significantly from Singer's, on sentience.
VegetarianismGary L. FrancioneVeganismAnimal Liberation Front

Question 10: The ________ Iain Banks uses "Sentient machines" in his The Culture Novels.
AuthorEditingCopy (written)Proofreading

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