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Question 1: The concept of sensus fidelium (also referred to as sensus fidei fidelium, and related to sensus fidei fidelis, which is also called sensus fidei or sensum fidei) in Roman Catholic teachings can be implicitly traced back to the early ________.
Timeline of ChristianityChurch FathersHistory of Christian theologyHistory of Christianity

Question 2: The pontiff then referred to the freedoms provided in the context of ________, stating that: "The truth cannot impose itself except by virtue of its own truth, as it wins over the mind with both gentleness and power."
Dignitatis HumanaePope Paul VIPope Pius XIPope John Paul II

Question 3: However, in his letter to the 1998 ________ Symposium, Pope John Paul II suggested that sensus fidei may also be used in the other direction, i.e.
InquisitionSpanish InquisitionReconquistaCrusades

Question 4: A key example of the recent use of sensus fidelium was the development of the dogma of the ________, as defined by Pope Pius IX.
Blessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Immaculate ConceptionRoman Catholic MariologyIneffabilis Deus

Question 5: It stipulates that the concepts involved must be viewed under the guidance of the ________.
PopePapal infallibilityMagisteriumCatholic Church

Question 6: [6] The Vatican quotes in this context the encyclical ________, where Pope Pius XII supported such a faith:
Fulgens CoronaMarian yearRaimondo SpiazziPontificia Commissione di Assistenza

Question 7: But sensus fidelium is not a basis for a democratic approach to determining the teachings of the ________.
Holy SeeCatholic ChurchPopeSt. Peter's Basilica


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