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Sennacherib: Quiz


Question 1: This is how the ten northern tribes came to be known as the Ten Lost Tribes, because as recorded in ________ 17, they were carried off and settled with other peoples as was the Assyrian policy.
Books of KingsBook of DanielBooks of SamuelBooks of Chronicles

Question 2: The Biblical account of Sennacherib's siege of Jerusalem begins with the destruction of the ________ of Israel and its capital Samaria.
Kingdom of JudahKingdom of Israel (united monarchy)HasmoneanKingdom of Israel (Samaria)

Question 3: II Kings 18-19 (and parallel passage ________ 32:1-23) details Sennacherib's attack on Judah and capital Jerusalem.
Books of KingsPsalmsBook of EzraBooks of Chronicles

Question 4: He was able to do this to Great Sidon, Little Sidon, Bit-Zitti, Zaribtu, Mahalliba, Ushu, Akzib and ________.
Acre, IsraelTiberiasBeit She'anNazareth

Question 5: Jewish tradition maintains that archangel ________ (along with Michael in the Targum's version) was the angel sent to destroy the Assyrian troops, and that the destruction occurred on Passover night.
JesusSaint JosephBiblical MagiGabriel

Question 6: A 1813 poem by ________, The Destruction of Sennacherib, commemorates Sennacherib's campaign in Judea from the Hebrew point of view.
William BlakePercy Bysshe ShelleyGeorge Gordon Byron, 6th Baron ByronMary Shelley

Question 7: According to the Bible, the siege failed because the angel of ________ went forth and struck down 185,000 men in the Assyrian camp (2 Kings 19:35).
TanakhJehovahHebrew languageTetragrammaton

Question 8: In 701 BC, a rebellion backed by Egypt and ________ broke out in Judah, led by King Hezekiah.
SumerAssyriaAkkadian EmpireBabylonia

Question 9: The narrow alleys and squares of Nineveh were cleaned up and enlarged, and a royal road and avenue were constructed, which crossed a bridge on its approach to the park gate and which was lined on both sides with ________.
British MuseumSteleMing DynastyMegalith

Question 10: The Greek historian ________, who wrote his Histories ca.
HerodotusPlutarchGreco-Persian WarsAlexander the Great


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