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Senate of Pakistan: Quiz


Question 1: The Constitution does not give the ________ the authority to dissolve the Senate (unlike the National Assembly).
Prime Minister of PakistanPresident of PakistanAsif Ali ZardariPolitics of Pakistan

Question 2: ________ raised the membership of the Senate from 87 to 100 through the Legal Framework Order (LFO), 2002, enforced on 21 August, 2002.
Abdul Qadeer KhanAyub KhanMuhammad Zia-ul-HaqPervez Musharraf

Question 3: However, from 14 August 1947 to 1 March 1956 the ________, was retained as the Constitution of Pakistan.
Government of India Act 1935Indian independence movementPolitical integration of IndiaRevolutionary movement for Indian independence

Question 4: The Senate of Pakistan is the upper house of the ________ Parliament of Pakistan.
Australian SenateBicameralismUnited States SenateAbolished upper house

Question 5: After Independence, the first Constituent Assembly of Pakistan, elected in December 1945 in undivided India, was assigned the task of framing the ________.
Foreign relations of PakistanParliament of PakistanConstitution of PakistanPolitics of Pakistan


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