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Question 1: In front of the building lies the Senate's garden, the ________, open to the public.
Musée d'OrsayParisJardin du LuxembourgPère Lachaise Cemetery

Question 2: This happened twice for Alain Poher, once at the resignation of ________ and once at the death of Georges Pompidou.
François MitterrandHarry S. TrumanCharles de GaulleGeorge Marshall

Question 3: At first it contained hereditary peers, but following the ________ of 1830, it became a body to which one was appointed for life.
July MonarchyBourbon RestorationJuly RevolutionCharles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord

Question 4: With the Restoration in 1814, a new ________ was created, on the model of the British House of Lords.
House of OrléansPeerage of FranceBaronFrench nobility

Question 5: The Senate is housed inside the ________ in the 6th arrondissement of Paris and is guarded by Republican Guards.
Palais-RoyalLuxembourg PalaceLouvre PalaceChâteau de Choisy

Question 6: The Senate (French: Sénat) is the ________ of the Parliament of France, presided over by a president.
Upper houseAbolished upper houseAustralian SenateBicameralism

Question 7: The Second Republic returned to a unicameral system after 1848, but soon after the establishment of the ________ in 1852, a Senate was established as the upper chamber.
French Third RepublicSecond French EmpireJuly MonarchyFirst French Empire

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