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Semper fidelis: Quiz


Question 1:
Which of the following titles did Semper fidelis have?
Royal Navy Receiving Ship in Hong Kong
Semper Fidelis March
Down In the Mission
Cleveland Browns first round draft pick

Question 2: Semper fidelis, mutare sperno (Always faithful, I scorn to change; City of ________)

Question 3: The city of ________ in France is recorded by 19th century sources (e.g.

Question 4: "Semper Fidelis" is also the title of the official march of the United States Marine Corps, composed by ________ in 1889.
United States ArmyGilbert and SullivanUnited States CongressJohn Philip Sousa

Question 5:
Semper fidelis, The Star-Spangled Banner and The Battle Hymn of the Republic are all:
History of Lviv United States Marine Corps lore and symbols Compositions by John Philip Sousa American patriotic songs

Question 6: It served as part of the Army of Ohio and later in the Indian wars, Spanish-American war, 1916 Mexican Border war, World War I, World War II, and the ________.
Cold WarKorean WarCentral Intelligence AgencyVietnam War

Question 7:
Semper fidelis, Exeter and Exeter City F.C. are all:
Exeter Military marches Compositions by John Philip Sousa History of Lviv

Question 8: Burke (1836, pp. 149–150)[5] records that the family goes back to an illegitimate son of ________ (1430-1460), and the motto is recorded by Burke and by Robson (1830).
James II of ScotlandJames III of ScotlandRobert II of ScotlandJames IV of Scotland

Question 9: The Swiss Grenadiers, first designated as such in 1943, and since 2004 forming a distinct Command in the ________, use the motto Semper fidelis[14].
Austrian Armed ForcesBundeswehrFinnish Defence ForcesMilitary of Switzerland

Question 10: A more recent adoption is by Senator Joe Doyle, in arms granted by the ________ during the year of 1999.
Kingdom of IrelandGenealogical OfficeNorthern IrelandIrish people

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