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Semitone: Quiz


Question 1: In addition to this kind of usage, harmonic augmented unisons are frequently written in modern works involving tone clusters, such as ________' Evryali for piano solo.
Karlheinz StockhausenIannis XenakisTōru TakemitsuOlivier Messiaen

Question 2:
What is the abbreviation of Semitone?
Ann Oncol
m2; aug1
J. Chem. Theory Comput.

Question 3: This creates two distinct semitones, but because Pythagorean tuning is also a form of 3-limit ________, these semitones are rational.
Just intonationMusical temperamentEqual temperamentConsonance and dissonance

Question 4: It is also called the diatonic semitone because it occurs between steps in the ________.
Chromatic scaleMajor scaleDiatonic scaleMusical scale

Question 5: By the 16th century, the semitone had become a more versatile interval, sometimes even appearing as an augmented unison in very ________ passages.
Chord (music)Interval (music)Diatonic and chromaticDiatonic scale

Question 6: It also occurs in many forms of the ________, wherever the tonic falls to the leading-tone.
Chord (music)Andalusian cadenceChord progressionCadence (music)

Question 7: Meantone temperaments have two distinct types of semitones, but in the exceptional case of ________, there is only one.
Bohlen–Pierce scalePitch classJust intonationEqual temperament

Question 8: This is a ratio of 21/12 (approximately 1.0594630943592952645618252949463), or 100 cents, and is 11.7313 cents narrower than the 16:15 ratio (its most common form in ________, discussed below).
Equal temperamentConsonance and dissonanceJust intonationMusical temperament

Question 9: The augmented unison does not occur between diatonic scale steps, but instead between a scale step and a ________ alteration of the same step.
Diatonic and chromaticChord (music)Interval (music)Semitone

Question 10: In ________ all semitones are equal in size.
Just intonationPitch classBohlen–Pierce scaleEqual temperament


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