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Question 1: This supposed process was referred to as Semiticization by the race-theorist ________.
Aryan raceMiscegenationArthur de GobineauWhite people

Question 2: ________ — adopted Arabic in the 4th century AD
NabataeansPetraArab peopleJordan

Question 3: ________, 14th to 12th centuries BC
UgaritCanaanAkkadian languageShort chronology timeline

Question 4: ________, Old North Arabian speaking Bedouins
IraqPalestinian peopleArab peopleSyria

Question 5: The first expansion occurred with the ancient Phoenicians, along the southern Mediterranean Sea all the way to the ________ (colonies which included ancient Rome's nemesis Carthage).
Indian OceanArctic OceanPacific OceanAtlantic Ocean

Question 6: Akkadians — migrated into Mesopotamia in the late ________ and amalgamate with non-Semitic Mesopotamian (Sumerian) populations into the Assyrians and Babylonians of the Late Bronze Age.
5th millennium BC6th millennium BC4th millennium BC7th millennium BC

Question 7: The remnants of these people became the ________ and Samaritans.
AntisemitismSephardi JewsJewsJewish ethnic divisions

Question 8: A truly comprehensive account of "Semitic" religions would include the ________ (such as the religions of Adad, Hadad) that flourished in the Middle East before the Abrahamic religions.
Proto-Indo-European religionAncient Semitic religionCanaanite religionPolytheism

Question 9: It was coined in 1879 by German journalist ________ in a pamphlet called, "The Victory of Germandom over Jewry".
AntisemitismRacial antisemitismWilhelm MarrHouston Stewart Chamberlain

Question 10: The notion that Semitic identity was a product of racial "confusion" was later taken up by the Nazi ideologue ________.
Adolf HitlerJoseph GoebbelsHermann GöringAlfred Rosenberg

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