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Question 1: The semi-presidential system, also known as the presidential-parliamentary system, or premier-presidential system, is a system of government in which a ________ and a prime minister are both active participants in the day-to-day administration of the state.
FrancePresidentOfficial residenceUnited States

Question 2: The term was first coined in a 1978 work by political scientist Maurice Duverger to describe the ________, which he dubbed a régime semi-présidentiel[1].
Jacques ChiracCharles de GaulleDominique de VillepinFrench Fifth Republic

Question 3: It differs from a parliamentary republic in that it has a popularly elected ________ who is more than a purely ceremonial figurehead.
United KingdomHead of stateMonarchyMonarch

Question 4: It differs from the presidential system in that the cabinet, although named by the president, is responsible to the legislature, which may force the cabinet to resign through a ________.
1782 vote of no confidence against the government of Lord NorthPrime ministerMotion of no confidenceUnited States


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