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Question 1: The biblical names of his four sons -Mikâîl, Isrâîl (Arslan), Mûsâ, and Yûnus (Jonah)- suggest previous acquaintance with either Khazar ________ or Nestorian Christianity.

Question 2: ________ attempts to stop Seljuks raiding the local Muslim populace led to the Battle of Dandanaqan on 23 May 1040.
Timurid dynastyGhaznavidsGreat Seljuq EmpireSafavid dynasty

Question 3: "The Khazars." The ________: Jews in Christian Europe, 711-1096.
Early Middle AgesMedievalismDark AgesMiddle Ages

Question 4: Under Mikail's sons Toghrul and Chaghri the ________ migrated into Khurasan.
Great Seljuq EmpireGhaznavidsTimurid dynastySafavid dynasty

Question 5: By 1055 Toghrul had expanded his control all the way to Baghdad, setting himself up as the champion of the ________ caliph, who honored him with the title sultan.
Islamic Golden AgeNeo-Assyrian EmpireAbbasid CaliphateAkkadian Empire

Question 6: He was the son of a certain Duqaq surnamed Timuryaligh -of the iron bow- and either the chief or an eminent member from the Kınık tribe of the ________.
Turkish peopleTurkeyTurkish languageOghuz Turks

Question 7: [1] According to some sources, Seljuk began his career as an officer in the ________ army.
AntisemitismJewsAshkenazi JewsKhazars

Question 8: Victorious Seljuks became masters of Khurasan, expanding their power into Transoxiana and across ________.
IraqIran–Iraq WarIranAzerbaijan


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