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Self-pollination: Quiz


Question 1: The term is inaccurately used in many cases where an outside ________ is actually required; such plants are merely self fertile, or self pollenizing.
Pollinator declineBeePollinationPollinator

Question 2: Self-pollination is a form of pollination that can occur when a flower has both stamen and a ________(pistil) in which the cultivar or species is self fertile and the stamens and the sticky stigma of the carpel contact each other to accomplish pollination.
Flowering plantGynoeciumPollenArchegonium

Question 3: In another legume, ________, the flowers open and remain receptive to insect cross pollination during the day; if this is not accomplished, the flowers self pollinate as they are closing.
MaizeSoybeanSoy milkMilk

Question 4: The mechanism is seen most often in some legumes such as ________.


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