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Self-esteem: Quiz


Question 1: Humans have portrayed the dangers of excessive self-esteem and the advantages of more humility since at least the development of ________, which typically showed the results of hubris.
Friedrich NietzscheAestheticsTragedyDavid Hume

Question 2: The concept of self-esteem has been criticized by different camps but notably by figures like Dalai Lama, Carl Rogers, Paul Tillich, ________ and George Carlin.
Alfred KorzybskiRobert Anton WilsonGeneral semanticsGermany

Question 3:
Self-esteem, Motivation and Procrastination are all:
NPOV disputes from February 2010 Motivation Happiness Positive mental attitude

Question 4: Level-wise, one can exhibit high but fragile self-esteem (as in narcissism) or low but stable self-esteem (as in ________).

Question 5:
Self-esteem, Maslow's hierarchy of needs and Hedonism are all:
All NPOV disputes Happiness Positive psychology NPOV disputes from February 2010

Question 6: American psychologist ________, for example, included self-esteem in his hierarchy of needs.
Abraham MaslowClinical psychologyPsychologyCarl Rogers

Question 7: "Our Urgent Need For Self-Esteem" by ________
Objectivist movementBibliography for Ayn Rand and ObjectivismAyn RandNathaniel Branden

Question 8: Self-esteem is distinct from self-confidence and ________, which involve beliefs about ability and future performance.
Self-efficacyEducational psychologyAlbert BanduraMotivation

Question 9: Some of the most interesting results of recent studies center on the relationships between ________, violence, and self-esteem.
Relational aggressionBullyingIntimidationWorkplace bullying

Question 10: Sociometer theory maintains that self-esteem evolved to check one's level of status and acceptance in ones' ________.
Social groupCommunitySocial stratificationSociology

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