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Question 1: However, one would be the same ________ as Plato only if one had the same consciousness of Plato's thoughts and actions that he himself did.
Civil and political rightsPropertyHuman rightsPerson

Question 2: As actors and audiences must not 'break' the fourth wall in order to maintain context, so individuals must not be aware of the artificial, or the constructed perception of his or her ________.

Question 3: Thus far, there is evidence that bottlenose dolphins, some ________, [15] and elephants have the capacity to be self-aware.

Question 4: According to Locke, personal identity (the self) "depends on consciousness, not on substance" nor on the ________.

Question 5: He creates a third term between the soul and the body - and Locke's thought may certainly be meditated by those who, following a ________ ideology, would identify too quickly the brain to consciousness.
Scientific methodScientistScienceNatural science

Question 6: This forms the basis of the ________: one can't be held accountable for acts in which one was unconsciously irrational, mentally ill [11] - and therefore leads to interesting philosophical questions:
Provocation (legal)Diminished responsibilityInsanity defenseExcuse (legal)

Question 7: For example, one may claim to be a ________ of Plato, therefore having the same soul.

Question 8: However, Locke's theory also reveals his debt to ________ and to Apocalyptic "great day", which by advance excuse any failings of human justice and therefore humanity's miserable state.

Question 9: In science fiction, self-awareness describes an ________ human property that bestows "personhood" onto a non-human.
EssentialismPlatoGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelAristotle

Question 10: [19]The words sentience, sapience and ________ are used in similar ways in science fiction.
ConsciousnessGottfried LeibnizHenri BergsonIdea


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