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Question 1: Seleucus perhaps tried to defeat ________, but failed.

Question 2: The ________ began when Perdiccas sent Alexander's corpse to Macedonia to be buried.
Antigonus I MonophthalmusAlexander the GreatDiadochiSeleucus I Nicator

Question 3: Seleucus surrendered the easternmost provinces of ________, Paropamisadae and perhaps Aria.
Achaemenid EmpireArachosiaAria (satrapy)Saka

Question 4: Eumenes marched his army 300 stadions away from Babylon and tried to cross the ________.

Question 5: Seleucus' Babylon was surrounded by Peucestas, the satrap of ________; Antigenes, the new satrap of Susiana and Peithon of Media.
ShirazFars ProvinceAbadehPersepolis

Question 6: Seleucus obtained knowledge of most of northern India, as explained by ________ through his numerous embassies to the Mauryan Empire:
Roman NavyRoman EmpireCastraPliny the Elder

Question 7: The two rulers seem to have been on very good terms, as classical sources have recorded that following their treaty, Chandragupta sent various presents such as ________ to Seleucus.

Question 8: Seleucus began a campaign against Chandragupta and crossed the ________, perhaps even the Hydaspes.
Indus RiverIndus River DeltaGanges BasinGanges Delta

Question 9: This would make Seleucus the same age as ________.
Alexander the GreatPtolemaic KingdomSeleucid EmpireMacedonia (ancient kingdom)

Question 10: to the river Ioames (________) as much: and some copies add 5 miles more therto
YamunaSutlejBeas RiverRavi River


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