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Question 1:
Selene, Artemis and Chang'e are all:
Divine women of Zeus Titans Lunar goddesses Greek goddesses

Question 2: Every night, Selene slipped down behind Mount Latmus near ________ to visit him.

Question 3: Though the story of Endymion is the best-known one today, the Homeric hymn to Selene (xxxii) tells that Selene also bore to ________ a daughter, Pandia, the "utterly shining" full moon.
ApolloCronusZeusGreek mythology

Question 4:
Selene, Aphrodite and Athena are all:
Greek goddesses Lunar goddesses Divine women of Zeus Titans

Question 5: In such works of fiction as The First Men in the Moon (1901), ________ (1902), and The Secret of the Selenites (1984), a "selenite" is a native resident of the moon.
Barbe-bleue (1902 film)The Man with the Rubber HeadGeorges MélièsA Trip to the Moon

Question 6: In modern times, Selene is the root of selenology, the study of the ________, and the chemical element selenium.
Lunar mareMoon rockColonization of the MoonGeology of the Moon

Question 7:
Selene, Persephone and Demeter are all:
Lunar goddesses Titans Greek goddesses Divine women of Zeus

Question 8: [2] Boreion Selas (Βόρειον Σέλας) is the Greek name for ________, the "northern lights".
Cluster missionAurora (astronomy)MagnetosphereSuper Dual Auroral Radar Network

Question 9: The sanctuary of Endymion at Heracleia under Latmus on the southern slope of ________ still exists as a horseshoe-shaped chamber with an entrance hall and pillared forecourt.
Mount AraratMycaleLatmusUludağ

Question 10: In post-Renaissance art, Selene is generally depicted as a beautiful woman with a pale face, riding a silver chariot pulled by either a yoke of oxen, a pair of ________, or a pair of serpentine dragons.
Equus (genus)HorseDonkeyArabian horse

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