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Question 1: Selectins are a family of cell adhesion ________ (or CAMs).

Question 2: The low-affinity nature of selectins is what allows the characteristic "rolling" action attributed to leukocytes during the ________[1].
Leukocyte extravasationMeningitisMyocarditisInflammation

Question 3: Selectins are involved in significant ________ research.
Clinical trialEpidemiologyMedical researchAnimal testing

Question 4: The name selectin comes from the words "selected" and "________," which are a type of carbohydrate-recognizing proteins.
PhytohaemagglutininRicinLectinConcanavalin A

Question 5: The scientists have ________ attached selectins to an epoxy surface in order to encourage tumor cells and other cells to roll.
Metallic bondChemical bondAromaticityCovalent bond

Question 6: During an inflammatory response, stimuli such as ________ and thrombin cause endothelial cells to mobilize P-selectin from stores inside the cell to the cell surface.

Question 7: In addition, cytokines such as ________ stimulate the expression of E-selectin and additional P-selectin a few hours later.
CD70Fas ligandTumor necrosis factor-alphaB-cell activating factor

Question 8: P-selectin (in ________ and endothelial cells)
PlateletRed blood cellBloodBlood plasma

Question 9: Researchers have developed a way to use selectins to direct stem cells introduced into the ________ to the bone marrow[7].
HeartFetal circulationCirculatory systemMyocardial infarction

Question 10: Selectins bind to sugar moieties and so are considered to be a type of ________, cell adhesion proteins that bind sugar polymers.
LectinConcanavalin ARicinPhytohaemagglutinin


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