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Question 1: ________ taken of patients immediately following light alcohol consumption have not revealed any increase in seizure activity.
NeurosurgeryEpilepsyElectroencephalographyNervous system

Question 2: A seizure trigger is a factor that can cause a ________ in a person who is either epileptic or not.
ConvulsionICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsSeizureSymptom

Question 3: Additionally, in some patients, gastroenteritis, which causes vomiting and ________, can lead to diminished absorption of anticonvulsants, thereby reducing protection against seizures[12].
DiarrheaAbdominal painNauseaTraveler's diarrhea

Question 4: ________ is the second most common trigger of seizures.
NarcolepsyDreamSleep deprivationHypersomnia

Question 5: Seizures may be a ________ of certain drugs, though with most, the effect is quite rare, and for most patients, they are safe.
Adverse effectAntidepressantAdverse drug reactionPharmaceutical drug

Question 6: However, the ________ is practiced by some in order to control seizures.
Ketogenic dietBenzodiazepineEpilepsyAlzheimer's disease

Question 7: 6 hours at night and a 2-hour nap) and to avoid ________ and sleeping pills in order to prevent seizures.

Question 8: The following antibiotics: ________, Lindane, Metronidazole, Nalidixic acid, and Penicillin, though Vitamin B6 taken along with them may prevent seizures

Question 9: Stress can trigger a seizure because it affects the hormone ________.

Question 10: When there is damage to the temporal lobe of the brain, there is a disruption of the supply of ________[20].

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