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Question 1: However, in the wake of the June 1, 2004 murder of Satomi Mitarai by 11-year-old "Girl A" (________), there has been some discussion for the need for further revision.
Sasebo slashingSeito SakakibaraGame BrainJapan

Question 2: After the March 16 attack, he wrote in his ________: "I carried out sacred experiments today to confirm how fragile human beings are...
DiaryOnline diaryIslamic Golden AgeBlog

Question 3: If I'm caught, I'll probably be ________...
Capital punishment in the United KingdomCapital punishment in the United StatesCapital punishmentHanging

Question 4: Seito Sakakibara (酒鬼薔薇 聖斗 Sakakibara Seito ?) is the alias of a then-14-year-old student from Kobe, Japan who ________ an 11-year-old boy and a 10-year-old girl between March and May 1997.

Question 5: Shortly after his arrest, "Boy A" also confessed to the murder of 10-year-old Ayaka Yamashita (山下彩花 Yamashita Ayaka) on March 16, as well as the ________ of three other girls on and around that same date.
ArsonBattery (crime)TheftAssault

Question 6: Police commented that the style of Hase's killing and the note was reminiscent of that of the Zodiac murders in the ________ area during the late 1960s.
Oakland, CaliforniaLos AngelesSan FranciscoSan Jose, California

Question 7: At the murder scenes some have alleged a symbol exactly like the ________'s was found.
San FranciscoNapa County, CaliforniaZodiac KillerOakland, California

Question 8: In the initial panic, the Japanese media misreported the name as "Onibara" - ________'s Rose, though the killer insisted it was as he gave it.
Christian demonologyDemonDemonologyUnclean spirit


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