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Question 1: Some of the victims of the ________ drowned in the Seine after being thrown off from the Pont Saint-Michel and other locations in Paris.
Paris massacre of 1961Torture during the Algerian WarAlgerian WarMaurice Papon

Question 2: Legend has it that after Jeanne d'Arc (better known as "________") was burned at the stake in 1431, her ashes were thrown into the Seine, though counter-claims persist to the present-day.
Joan of ArcCultural depictions of Joan of ArcHundred Years' WarCharles VII of France

Question 3: The Seine is dredged and oceangoing vessels can dock at ________, 120 km (75 miles) from the sea.
Le HavreRouenSotteville-lès-RouenBihorel

Question 4: He commented many years later that the fish became very cunning after the ________, which why it was futile exercise to try to catch them.
Franco-Prussian WarBattle of BuzenvalBattle of Sedan (1870)Siege of Paris

Question 5:
Where is the mouth of the Seine?
The English Channel
Ebro River
Confluence with the One Eye River

Question 6: ________ have a song on their "Castaways and Cutouts" album titled, "The Legionnaire's Lament", which entails a legionnaire longing to return to France and the "sweetly sleeping sweeping of the Seine".
Chris FunkThe Crane WifeColin MeloyThe Decemberists

Question 7: In ________'s novel Les Misérables, Jean Valjean escapes from the sewers on the banks of the Seine.
Victor HugoFrançois-René de ChateaubriandJohann Wolfgang von GoetheAlphonse de Lamartine

Question 8: This river appears in ________ as a multiplayer map, named Seine river.
Call of Duty 3Call of Duty: World at WarCall of Duty 2Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Question 9: ________ have a song called "Sink the Seine".
The Late B.P. HeliumKevin BarnesDottie AlexanderOf Montreal

Question 10: There is a joke which centers on the Seine, which goes, "If you jump off a ________ bridge, you're in Seine!" with the word insane replaced with in-Seine.
Évry, EssonneVersaillesMarseilleParis


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