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Seiche: Quiz


Question 1: In ________, Hurricane Hazel piled up water along the northwestern Lake Ontario shoreline near Toronto, causing extensive flooding, and established a seiche that subsequently caused flooding along the south shore.

Question 2: ________ are especially prone to seiches caused by earthquakes, as the ground tremors often match the resonant frequencies of small bodies of water.
Olympic GamesSwimming poolAustraliaUnited States

Question 3: For instance, the tsunami that hit Hawaii in ________ had a fifteen-minute interval between wave fronts.

Question 4: The 1950 Chayu-Upper Assam earthquake is known to have generated seiches as far as Norway and southern ________.
WalesScotlandUnited KingdomEngland

Question 5: Similar phenomena are observed at Venice, resulting in the ________, a system of 79 mobile barriers designed to protect the three entrances to the Venetian Lagoon.
EnglandNetherlandsMOSE ProjectItaly

Question 6: The seiche is driven by a low pressure region in the North Atlantic moving onshore, giving rise to cyclonic lows on the ________.
North SeaBlack SeaBaltic SeaArctic Ocean

Question 7: On 31 March 1979, the ________ tide station recorded a maximum water-level displacement of 2.78 metres (9.1 ft), at that location and due to the seiche.
TokyoHiroshimaSasebo, NagasakiNagasaki

Question 8: [5] ________ is particularly prone to wind-caused seiches because of its shallowness and elongation.
Great LakesLake ErieLake OntarioLake Superior

Question 9: Seiches can also be induced by ________, a wave train (series of waves) generated in a body of water by a pulsating or abrupt disturbance that vertically displaces the water column.
Current sea level risePhysical oceanographyTsunamiMegatsunami

Question 10: Seiches were again observed in Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal in India as well as in many locations in Bangladesh during the ________ [11].
2005 Lake Tanganyika earthquake2005 Kashmir earthquake2005 Qeshm earthquake2005 Sumatra earthquake


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