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Sega Smash Pack: Quiz


Question 1: These two games were Golden Axe and Sonic Spinball, and the third game was ________, which seems to be based on the Sega CD version as it contains the system's start up sound.
Ecco the DolphinSonic the Hedgehog (series)Ecco Jr.Sega Genesis Collection

Question 2: [2] However, at the end it states "Pay your respects to Uncle Sonic, Sony just doesn't get it", alluding to Sega's dropping out of the hardware business after the debut of the ________.
PlayStation PortablePlayStation 3Sony Computer EntertainmentPlayStation 2

Question 3: Sega Smash Pack games have been released for the PC, ________, and the Game Boy Advance.
DreamcastSega SaturnMega DriveSega Master System

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