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Question 1: For example, ________ seedlings have up to eight cotyledons.
PinophytaScots PineTsugaPine

Question 2: While the plant is growing and developing additional leaves, the cotyledons eventually ________ and fall off.

Question 3: During this phase, the cotyledons are tightly closed and form the apical hook to protect the shoot ________ from damage while pushing through the soil.
Plant evolutionary developmental biologyMeristemPlantPlant stem

Question 4: The apical meristems start growing and give rise to the ________ and shoot.
RootPlant stemFlowering plantPlant

Question 5: The seedlings sense light through the light receptors phytochrome (red and far-red light) and ________ (blue light).
CryptochromeThioredoxin reductaseAcetolactate synthaseMethylenetetrahydrofolate reductase

Question 6: The two classes of flowering plants are distinguished by their numbers of seed leaves: ________ (monocots) have one blade-shaped cotyledon, whereas dicotyledons (dicots) have two round cotyledons.
MonocotyledonCronquist systemThorne system (1992)APG system

Question 7: ________ in these photo receptors and their signal transduction components lead to seedling development that is at odds with light conditions, for example seedlings that show photomorphogenesis when grown in the dark.
EvolutionMutationPopulation geneticsSpeciation

Question 8: Etiolated seedlings are yellowish in color as ________ synthesis and chloroplast development depend on light.
PlantPhotosynthesisChlorophyllPlant physiology

Question 9: Seedling development starts with ________ of the seed.
Flowering plantPlantGerminationAlgae

Question 10: A seedling is a young plant sporophyte developing out of a plant embryo from a ________.
Flowering plantFruitFlowerSeed


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