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Question 1: The 3D orientation of these clasts is called the ________ of the rock.
Textile printingWeavingSilkTextile

Question 2: Sediment transported by wind is called aeolian and is always very well sorted, while sediment transported by a glacier is called ________ and is characterized by very poor sorting.
GlacierIce sheetCurrent sea level riseLittle Ice Age

Question 3: Short astronomic cycles can be the difference between the tides or the ________ every two weeks.
Tidal powerTidePhysical oceanographyCurrent sea level rise

Question 4: Behind the beach, there can be ________ (where the dominant deposition is well sorted sand) or a lagoon (where fine clay and organic material is deposited).
Drainage basinDuneSediment transportOxbow lake

Question 5: When these organisms die their skeletons sink to the bottom, forming a thick layer of calcareous mud that may lithify into ________.
Karst topographyCarbonate rockSedimentary rockLimestone

Question 6: At high pressure and temperature, the organic material of a dead organism will experience chemical reactions in which volatiles like water and ________ are expulsed.
Carbon dioxideCarbon sinkGreenhouse gasCarbon cycle

Question 7: Iron(III) oxide is often in the form of the mineral ________ and gives the rock a reddish to brownish colour.

Question 8: Examples are burrows, ________, etc.

Question 9: Sedimentology is both part of geology and physical geography and overlaps partly with other disciplines in the ________, such as pedology, geomorphology, geochemistry or structural geology.
Plate tectonicsNatureEarth scienceNatural environment

Question 10: Warm shallow marine environments also are ideal environments for ________, where the sediment consists mainly of the calcareous skeletons of larger organisms.
Salt marshTide poolEstuaryCoral reef


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