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Question 1: An example of a basin caused by lithospheric stretching is the ________ - also an important location for significant hydrocarbon reserves.
Atlantic OceanEnglish ChannelBaltic SeaNorth Sea

Question 2: Another expression of lithospheric stretching results in the formation of ocean basins with central ridges; The ________ is in fact an incipient ocean, in a plate tectonic context.
Red SeaIndian OceanArctic OceanMediterranean Sea

Question 3: For instance, the ________ chain of volcanic edifices has sufficient mass to cause deflection in the lithosphere.
NihoaNiihauHawaiian IslandsKahoolawe

Question 4: A classic rhombochasm is illustrated by the ________ rift, where northward movement of the Arabian Plate relative to the Anatolian Plate has caused a rhombochasm.
Caspian SeaDead SeaGreat Salt LakeMediterranean Sea

Question 5: An example is the San Bernardino Mountains north of ________, which result from convergence along a curve in the San Andreas fault system.
Long Beach, CaliforniaLos AngelesGlendale, CaliforniaSan Jose, California

Question 6: If the ________ is caused to stretch horizontally, by mechanisms such as ridge-push or trench-pull, the effect is believed to be twofold.
EarthCrust (geology)LithospherePlate tectonics

Question 7: The ________ was caused by vertical movement along local thrust and reverse faults bunching up against the bend in the otherwise strike-slip fault environment.
1971 San Fernando earthquakeLos Angeles2008 Chino Hills earthquake1994 Northridge earthquake

Question 8: Indeed, sedimentary basins are the location for almost all of the world's ________ reserves and as such are the focus of intense commercial interest.

Question 9: As the sediments are buried, they are subjected to increasing ________ and begin the process of lithification.
TemperatureForcePressure measurementPressure

Question 10: ________ can often occur around the edge of, and within, the basin, as a result of the ongoing slippage and subsidence.
Shear (geology)OrogenyPlate tectonicsFault (geology)


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