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Sediment transport: Quiz


Question 1: Sediment transport is important in the fields of sedimentary geology, geomorphology, ________ and environmental engineering (see applications, below).
Electrical engineeringCivil engineeringMechanical engineeringStructural engineering

Question 2: In coastal-fluvial systems, ________ form.
Submarine canyonMouth barAvulsion (river)River delta

Question 3: The first is for ________ to granule-size gravel, and the second and third are for sand[19] though Yang later expanded his formula to include fine gravel.

Question 4: In ________, physical geography, and sediment transport, fluvial processes relate to flowing water in natural systems.
GeologyNatureEarthEarth science

Question 5: This is also important, for example, in the Grand Canyon of the ________, to rebuild shoreline habitats also used as campsites.
ArizonaWestern United StatesColorado RiverUtah

Question 6: Dust from the Sahara deposits on the ________ and islands in the Caribbean,[1] and dust from the Gobi desert has deposited on the western United States.
SpainTenerifeCanary IslandsMelilla

Question 7: Coastal sediment transport results in the formation of characteristic coastal landforms such as ________ and barrier islands.
Coastal erosionCoral reefBeachCliff

Question 8: Fluvial sediment transport can result in the formation of ripples and ________, in fractal-shaped patterns of erosion, in complex patterns of natural river systems, and in the development of floodplains.
River deltaDrainage basinDuneOxbow lake

Question 9: Sediment transport due only to gravity can occur on sloping surfaces in general, including hillslopes, scarps, ________, and the continental shelf—continental slope boundary.
HeadlandCliffCape (geography)Sound (geography)

Question 10: Sediment moved by water can be larger than sediment moved by air because water has both a higher ________ and viscosity.


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