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Question 1: Examples would be the evolution of institutions such as ________ from a predominantly religious institution into a secular institution (with a divinity school now housing the religious element illustrating differentiation).
Brown UniversityHarvard CrimsonHarvard UniversityRutgers University

Question 2: the collective conscience as defined by ________ is diminished; and
PositivismÉmile DurkheimSociologyAnthony Giddens

Question 3: [2] Applied to church property, secularization involves the abandonment of goods by the church where it is sold to purchasers after the ________ seizes the property, which most commonly happens after reasonable negotiations and arrangements are made.

Question 4:
Secularization, Totem and Sect are all:
Disengagement from religion Sociology of religion All pages needing cleanup Religion and politics

Question 5:
Secularization, Polygamy and Zionism are all:
Religion and politics All pages needing cleanup Political philosophy Disengagement from religion

Question 6:
Secularization, Atheism and Agnosticism are all:
Political philosophy Religion and politics All pages needing cleanup Disengagement from religion

Question 7: (On the extensive secularisation in Germany at the beginning of the 19th century, see ________)
Holy Roman EmpireHeilbronnKempten im AllgäuGerman Mediatisation

Question 8: This established popular sovereignty in a secular republican framework, in opposition to a ________ system.
MonarchyIslamic republicTheocracyConstitutional monarchy

Question 9: Secularization (or Secularisation) refers to the transformation of a ________ from close identification with religious values and institutions toward non-religious (or "irreligious") values and secular institutions.
Political philosophyJürgen HabermasSocietyDemocracy

Question 10: In ________ theology, the term can also denote the permission or authorization given for an individual (typically clergy, who become secular clergy) to live outside his or her religious colony (monastery), either for a fixed or permanent period.
CatholicCatholicismBishopEcumenical council


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