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Secularism in India: Quiz


Question 1: However, it was in the 18th century, when the British East India Company began to gain total control over India that ideas of ________ began to have impact on the Indian mind.

Question 2: This is a major grouse for the Hindu right wing politicians who insist that there should be a ________ for all citizens.
Uniform civil code of IndiaIslamismIndiaPakistan

Question 3: The three main protest movements were by the Charvakas (a secularistic and materialistic philosophical movement), Buddhism, and ________.
JainismHinduismIndian religionsJain philosophy

Question 4: The Preamble of the ________ declares that India is a secular state.
Constitution of IndiaPolitical integration of IndiaAdministrative divisions of IndiaGovernment of India

Question 5: All three of them rejected the authority of the ________ and any importance of belief in a deity.
Indian epic poetrySanskrit literatureRigvedaVedas

Question 6: The philosophy that the Indian constitution upholds on to is a kind of ________ made relevant through a historical development of the ideology within the context of religious pluralism in India.
AntireligionSecular humanismHumanism (life stance)Atheism


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