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Question 1: ________, Jesus for the Non-Religious (2007), ISBN 0-06-076207-1
John Shelby SpongA New Christianity for a New WorldTheologyAfterlife

Question 2: Notable among such movements has been the Reconstructionist Judaism of ________, which understands God and the universe in a manner concordant with Deweyan naturalism.
RabbiMordecai KaplanConservative JudaismJewish philosophy

Question 3: Secular theology holds that theism has lost credibility as a valid conception of ________'s nature.

Question 4: [5][6][7] The movement also suggested the legitimacy of seeking the ________ outside the church itself.
ProtestantismSacredAnglicanismProtestant Reformation

Question 5: Recognized in the 1960s, it was influenced both by neo-orthodoxy, and the existentialism of ________.
Paul TillichBertrand RussellJohann Gottfried HerderTheological noncognitivism

Question 6: ________, Christianity in a Secularized World, (1989).
Karl BarthGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelWolfhart PannenbergJürgen Moltmann

Question 7: [2] It rejects the concept of a personal God and embraces the status of Jesus Christ, Christology and Christian eschatology as ________ without basis in historical events.
ChristianityOrthodox ChurchChristian mythologySecond Coming

Question 8: The field of secular theology, a subfield of liberal theology advocated by Anglican bishop John A. T. Robinson somewhat paradoxically combines ________ and theology.


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