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Question 1: ________, a series of books about an interstellar hospital in Space, written by James White
Star SurgeonMajor OperationHospital StationSector General

Question 2: SecTor, a computer security conference held in ________
Toronto IslandsGreater Toronto AreaHamilton, OntarioToronto

Question 3: ________, a shore-based operational unit of the United States Coast Guard
Coast Guard IntelligenceUnited States Coast Guard SectorsDeployable Operations GroupSector Commander

Question 4: ________ (or "CHS"), an early method for giving addresses to each physical block of data on a hard drive
Hard disk driveFloppy diskCylinder-head-sectorDisk formatting

Question 5: "SECTOR", a United States nationwide radio network operated by the ________
U.S. Immigration and Customs EnforcementIllegal immigration to the United StatesHuman traffickingREAL ID Act

Question 6: ________, a fictional area of space-designation used in the Star Trek universe for interstellar navigation
Benjamin SiskoGalactic quadrantCardassianRomulan


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