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Question 1: Three Groups in One by Mary McCormick Maaga excerpt from her book Hearing the Voices of ________ (Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 1998)
Peoples TempleJonestownJim JonesJonestown conspiracy theory

Question 2: Mass-based socialist, social-democratic, labor and ________ parties often had their historical origin in utopian sects, and also subsequently produced many sects, which split off from the mass party.
SocialismMarxismCommunist stateCommunism

Question 3: [4] Among the first to define them were ________ and Ernst Troeltsch (1931).
Max WeberAustrian SchoolKarl MarxSocialism

Question 4: The English sociologist Roy Wallis[9] argues that a sect is characterized by “________ authoritarianism”: sects possess some authoritative locus for the legitimate attribution of heresy.

Question 5: The historical usage of the term sect in ________ has had pejorative connotations, referring to a group or movement with heretical beliefs or practices that deviate from those of groups considered orthodox.
Christianity by countryChristianityChristendomEast–West Schism

Question 6: [4] In the ________ they are described as newly formed religious groups that form to protest elements of their parent religion (generally a denomination).
Christian countercult movementSociological classifications of religious movementsAnti-cult movementCult


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