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Question 1: The proteins are then moved into secretory vesicles which travel along the ________ to the edge of the cell.

Question 2: ________ targeted for the outside are synthesized by ribosomes docked to the rough endoplasmic reticulum (ER).

Question 3: During, or shortly after its translocation across the ________, the protein is processed and folded into its active form.
Cell nucleusCell (biology)Vesicle (biology)Cell membrane

Question 4: Tissues in humans that produce secretions include the ________ which secretes digestive enzymes and gastric acid, the lung which secretes surfactants, and sebaceous glands which secrete sebum to lubricate the skin and hair.
Colorectal cancerAscending cholangitisPeritonitisHuman gastrointestinal tract

Question 5: Eventually, there is vesicle fusion with the ________ at a structure called the porosome, in a process called exocytosis, dumping its contents out of the cell's environment.
Cell (biology)Cell membraneVesicle (biology)Cell nucleus

Question 6: ________ cells, including human cells, have a highly evolved process of secretion.

Question 7: More modification can occur in the secretory vesicles (for example ________ is cleaved from proinsulin in the secretory vesicles).
GlucagonInsulinEndocrine systemAdiponectin

Question 8: Strict ________ control is maintained over this sequence by usage of a pH gradient: the pH of the cytosol is 7.4, the ER's pH is 7.0, and the cis-golgi has a pH of 6.5.
MetabolismBiochemistryAmino acidProtein

Question 9: One such mechanism to detect low calcium concentration has been illustrated by the lcrV (Low Calcium Response) antigen utilized by ________, which is used to detect low calcium concentrations and elicits T3SS attachment.
Yersinia pestisHelicobacter pyloriCholeraPlague (disease)

Question 10: ________ (ABC) type transporters are common to all the three domains of life.
P-glycoproteinATP-binding cassette transporterNa-K-Cl cotransporterABCA4


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